Welcome to Custom Vapes & E-Cigs! Let us start by saying vaping is awesome!

We have one goal here, to help people quit smoking, and vaping has become a great alternative. In response to that growing demand, Custom Vapes & E-Cigs was created in 2013 as a complete e-cig store in Waxhaw, NC. Custom Vapes & E-Cigs was brought to life by owners who are former smokers, so we can sincerely vouch for the effectiveness of our products.

In many cases, it may only take a month of vaping for most smokers to convert and actually prefer e-cigs over traditional cigarettes. Since we opened our doors, we have had the pleasure of helping people achieve just that. If you truly are ready to make that change, vaping may help. There are other products on the market that offer an alternative to smoking but do not help with the physical act of smoking itself. Vaping has given us the edge to curve those cravings and does it with flavors that people enjoy. As ex-smokers ourselves, we can tell the public that this has helped us make that switch from smoking and it has changed our lives. We certainly know how hard it is to kick the habit, but with the proper set up, juice flavor, and nicotine level it can be done. We don’t just want to sell you a product and send you out the door. We want to be here for you and help you through your journey.

We carry a wide assortment of products for all your vaping needs including e-cigs, liquid, mods, rda’s, tanks and more. Visit our shop, and let our knowledgeable staff find the product that best suits you. We combine affordable prices, great products and convenient shopping all in one.

We currently have 3 shops to serve you. We have Waxhaw NC, Matthews NC, and Monroe NC.

Thank you for your business and support!

-Custom Vapes & E-Cigs Team-


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Amazing service! Helpful and incredibly knowledgeable. I am new to vaping and they had all the patience in the world for my questions.

Pickem L.

I purchased a box mod in November and in January began having trouble charging it. Since I discarded the original box it came in, we were unable to send it back to the manufacturer. But thanks to Alan & Aaron in Waxhaw…. they put me in a comparable new box at 40% off. Thank ou guys for SUPERB CUSTOMER SERVICE….and a loaner device for over a week until we decided on the new product. I would recommend Custom Vapes Waxhaw HANDS DOWN as the BEST Vape Shop with Customer Satisfaction their #1 priority!!

Tommy H.

cool place, good customer service.. thanks!

Vee P.

Staff is awesome and their deals are great. Delicious variety or juices to fit anyone’s needs.

Angelica E.

I go here to get all of my vaping needs! There always friendly and helpful! In my opinion this is the best vape shop around! Thanks guys!

Chris C.

I love this this shop, the staff is very helpful, and knowledgeable of there products, great atmosphere, great prices,

Chris W.

Super friendly and helpfull staff!

Ebony K.

Probably one of the best shops I’ve been in, in North Carolina. Super amazing staff and an amazing selection of juice and devices. Definitely worth the 2hr drive. I plan on being here at least once a month!!!

Ammy H.

Love this store, great selection and best group of guys around ! Would not go anywhere else. Monroe, you rock !!

Pam F.

Was visiting in Waxhaw and found this place great staff can’t wait to come back

Tony H.

I have recently put down cigarettes and made the switch to vaping. I was clueless as to what was my best option, or even to my options at all. The guys at Custom Vapes were outstanding. Friendly, helpful, informative and honest. They didn’t just attempt to make the best sale they could. They tried to help me get what was best for someone trying to quit smoking. Which was actually the cheaper option. All while I was hell bent on the more expensive mod. Great flavors, great people an a GREAT shop. I would recommend Custom Vapes to any and all “vapers” in and around the Charlotte area. They will get all of my business.

Justin B.

I love the new location in Matthews. I went to several vape shops when I was trying to quit cigs. I had no idea what hardware I needed or how to use it. Custom Vapes & E-Cigs was the only store that had the knowledge of what would work best to help me make the switch from cigs to vaping. Thanks to the knowledge of the staff, I was easily able to quit cigs for good! Plus they have great customer service! Everyone is always very nice and goes out of their way to help. Best vape shop!

Jen K.

Awesome shop and even better employees. Met Rob only once and the second time he saw me 2 weeks later he remembered me. Nothing better then going to a shop that has a lot to offer like a ton of vape stuff and juice and awesome employees. makes for a great environment that I’ll definitely return to any time I need anything.

Rodrigo C.

Love the customer service. Great people and awesome selection

Fred S.

Love this place and the people I have dealt with during my purchases! Alan has always been very helpful and knowledgeable about the products I had interest in. Keep up the great work Alan!

Maria B.

AMAZING shop, love that they work to support veterans with their house line, what a great way to give back to the community. The shop looks great, they have selection and entertainment, and just an incredible staff. You MUST stop by, if I could give 6 stars I would in a second.

Chris G.

Love this little shop, always open and clean, games going on on TV, the crew that works here is great, Alan, Lee, Kaleb, all the guys know there mods and tanks and atties great place to hang out, and do some socializing

Chris W.

Love this shop, helpful staff. Clean, great atmosphere, Steve and Austin are great help

Chris W.

Absolutely an amazing place and environment. Alan and Robert are a blast to hang out with. They also just got Heresy at an amazing price point. Definitely a place to go and relax.

Brian C.

Aubrey and Gage really know what they’re doing, great customer service! Will definitely be back

John W.