Belly up to the bar. At Custom Vapes and Ecigs we have a large line of E liquid store brands as well as 3rd party premium lines. With the current line up we have close to 150 different flavors to tickle your taste buds and keep increasing that to give you something new and exciting. If you are looking for anything from tobacco or desserts we have you covered. Our store brands are crafted in a lab and brought in for you so that they are ready to vape. Nothing is mixed in store at the time that you ordered it. All of our juice is ready to vape when you make your purchase. We have e liquid juice that ranges from 0-24 nicotine level as well as 50/50 to Max VG to make sure that you get that hit your desire. We have one line of E liquid that is manufactured is Canada, the remainder of our liquid is manufactured right here in the good ole US of A. Some of them are even made right here in North Carolina. Our 3rd party premium juice includes lines such as Decoded, Anml, Anml Unleashed, and all the Boba’s. Our premium house lines include Warhorse, Ohmed Forces and our newest line Enlisted. If you are ready to get something new in your tank for your taste bud’s get over to one of our three locations Waxhaw, Monroe, or Matthews. We offer a laid back environment with great music, catch a game or just hang out with the guys.

** We also stock 24% 100% and 200% CBD oil, Indicream, and CBZ.

We do allow sampling of the juice before you purchase. All samples are offered in 0mg and are offered to you in Cleito tanks so that you know the true flavor before leaving the shop. Due to the new FDA regulations we are no longer able to offer free samples as we have in the past. We have 2 convenient low priced options for juice sampling. E-Liquid is composed of 4 ingredients. Propylene Glycol(pg) , Vegetable Glycerin(VG) , Nicotine and artificial flavoring. The more pg that you have in a juice the stronger throat hit you will get the more VG that you have the larger and thicker the cloud. Finding the right E liquid can make your vaping experience much more enjoyable and selection is unlimited at Custom Vapes & E Cigs. For those whose who are new to vaping, we also offer e vape kits to get you going in the right direction. Your e cig collection is not complete without an e liquid that is going to bring you a wave of flavor and hours of enjoyment. Custom Vapes & E Cigs provides great prices and quality selection to meet your needs.