Starter kits, mech's, rda's, tanks and box mods

When you first walk into a vape shop as a smoker looking to make the move over to e-cigs it can be very confusing. This is where our knowlegeable staff can really help you. We will go through each particular product with you and find the item that best suits your needs. Starter kits are great for those that want to quit smoking as usually you get everything in them that you need to begin the process. Most starter kits are going to come with a battery, tank, coils, and a charger. The only thing that you are going to need to get after this is going to be your juice. The three things you need to get your started in your process to quit smoking are a mod, tank, and juice of your choice. We will make sure that you have all of these and know how to use them before you walk out of the door.

We also carry a full range of box mods. Once you have gotten used to vaping you may be ready for an upgrade. Most of our box mods are going to start out with wattage’s of 75 and go up to 200. Depending on what you are looking to accomplish with your new mod you can either upgrade your tank as well or continue to use the tank that you already have. One of the benefits that box mod’s have is that most have external batteries. Some people look at this as a bad thing but one major benefit of an external battery is that if the battery should happen to go bad you can just replace the battery and not the whole mod.

Just as we sell an aray of different start kits and mods we have tanks to suit each person as well. We have starter tanks such as the Nautilus and K3 as well as the sub ohm tanks such as the Kanger Sub Tank Mini and the Cleito by Aspire. Just as mods can do different things to change your vaping experience, tanks can do the same. When you first start vaping you want a tank that will allow you to use a higher nicotine level. But once you start moving down in nicotine you may want to use tank that is going to give you a bigger cloud or better flavor. When you first start vaping the starter tank is burning a coil that is around 1.6 ohms. Sub tanks are going to burn .15 to .8 ohms depending on the tank. These lower ohm’s, or sub-ohming tanks, will produce more flavor and vapor production. When getting into sub-ohm tanks, it is recommended to stay at a 6mg nictotine or lower due to the fact that it will hit harder almost feeling like it doubles the nicotine in your tank.

Don’t worry we also have all of the advance vapers covered with great items as well. In addition to our line of tanks, mods and starter kits we also carry a number of different rda’s. RDA’s are where it can really get fun. See what different builds you can make with different wire. Different wire will give you different flavors in a juice and depending on the build will produce a bigger cloud. If you are new to RDA’s or a novice at using and RDA any of our staff will be happy to assist you with safety and showing you how to build. Ther are so many different builds, wire, rda’s that can make vaping a hobby and so much more. The more air flow the bigger the cloud. Turn the air flow down a bit and you get a better flavor. Also we have 3 post, 4 post, 2 post rda’s depending on what you are looking for.

A lot of people do love a good mechanical mod. With these mods there are no wattage adjustments, no chips to tell it not to make that build work when you hit that button it is going to supply power to the coils. Before you use your new build on these you are going to need to make sure it’s safe using an ohm meter. With mechs it’s all about the material used to create the mod and contacts that connect with the battery that will give you the best hit and lowest voltage drop. Most mech’s use copper. It is one of your more conductive metal’s that has a lower price point. Some mechs have silver contacts which are going to be the most conductive but a higher price point. We also have unregulated box mods these mods are going to basically be the same as a tube mod with no controls or chips the difference is that they will hold 2 or 3 batteries that run in series and will come with a pulse width modulator. Again just as with rda’s, let our staff assist you and discuss these with you so that everything is running safe. Remember we are dealing with electricity and we must respect it as that.

In addition to all the tanks, juice and hardware we also have the accessories you need. We have a wide assortment of custom drip tips, wire, coil building kits, batteries, cotton, and pre-built coils for you to put in an RDA, RDTA, or tank with ease.